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Zette allows you to access premium digital news content behind article paywalls.

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How Zette Works

It’s as simple as it gets.

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Zette is the conduit for increasing your understanding of the world and rethinking your point of view.

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One Subscription.

Zette provides access to paywalled articles across a network of digital news publications with just one affordable monthly subscription.

Premium Partners.

Zette vets publishing partners, working with only those who meet high standards for journalistic excellence.

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Streamlined Access.

Zette champions streamlined access to quality journalism for curious and engaged consumers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zette?

Out of free articles? Zette is a venture-backed media tech startup that gives readers pay-per-article access to paywalled publications, all while sharing revenue with newsrooms. Download the Zette browser extension to open, read, and share quality journalism behind paywalls; a single $9.99 subscription unlocks 30 paywalled articles each month.

What is a paywall?

A paywall is a website feature implemented by digital publishers that requires a subscription in order for users to read articles. Paywalls are a way for content providers to monetize content published on the web, and have become an increasingly common business model for digital publishing.

How does Zette support journalists?

By making it seamless to pay-per-article, we’re helping to keep the lights on in newsrooms so that journalists can continue reporting on what matters. Zette’s generous revenue share agreement with publishers works to make that exchange of value easier for consumers to understand and appreciate.

Where does the word “Zette” come from?

Our company name, Zette, is abbreviated from the word "gazette" and derived from the Italian origin "gazeta de la novita," meaning "a half-pennyworth of news." Our goal is to make news articles affordable and commonplace as it was in old Italy to everyone today.

How do I sign up?

Zette launched its private beta to a small group of users in October 2022, and will launch to the public in early 2023. You can request early access or join our waitlist for first-to-know updates about Zette’s release.

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